Sunday, 20 June 2010

Review: SECRET SPEAKERS by KSR Kingworth

SECRET SPEAKERS And The Search For Selador's Gate by KSR Kingworth

About Secret Speakers:

Thirteen year-old Fair O'Nelli has spent the last nine years of her life living in a cellar. She knows her father and brother are missing, or possibly dead. Set free on her day of maidenhood when it's safe to be seen, Fair sets off in the company of three guardians to find Selador's Gate. Along the way she discovers a dark secret the parents of Cloven Grave know nothing about, where the key to survival is learning to see things as they are.

Source: Info in the About Secret Speakers was taken from the back of the book.

I suggest that you do not read the prologue at the start because it is strongly suggestive of "Tolkien immitation" and as such, like most immitations, does not really come to par to the original. This is not true. Yes, the book is Tolkien-nish, and it is not a masterpiece... but it holds it's own charm :) Let the story tell you about the world of Fair. I think, reading the prologue diminished my reading enjoyment of this book as I automatically jumped to conclusions with... the prologue screamed "Tolkien immitation"!

If you are looking for a masterpiece, academically correct book, this is not for you. If you are looking for an enjoyable read, pick this one up. Fans of Angie Sage's Septimus Heap series and Joseph Delaney's Spook series will probably like this book!

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